Milk and Honey Rupi Kaur

Milk and Honey

By Rupi Kaur

  • Release Date: 2015-10-06
  • Genre: Poetry
Score: 5
From 5,020 Ratings
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The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. Milk and Honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.


  • The greatest trick ever played

    By StopSpamTexts
    Instead of Milk and Honey, they should've just titled the book "Men are pigs and they should all die, die, die". Or maybe a more realistic title would be "500 things I hate about myself based on men." This is not a book on poetry, it is a book blaming men for all her problems. And that's just Chapter 1. Chapter 2 reads just like a horny 15 year old girls Tumblr. Full of the sex she doesn't really want but is curious about. And then the ramblings of a horny 15 year old masturbating. "You talk too much" he whispers in my ear. "I can think of better things to do with that mouth." Really some quality Pulitzer Prize winning stuff here. Then she has sex. Not just sex but lots of tongues, so naughty oh I love you. You complete me. A total Snoozefest and reminds me of those free Fabio sex books. There's a reason they're free. Chapter 3 she gets dumped. The old Pump and Dump. The Hit it and quit it. Welcome to the real world. Maybe if you would have let him play his video games for 5 seconds without interrupting him constantly, things would be all Cinderella. But no. We only bought you flowers and told you you were pretty because we wanted in your pants. We are Pigs! Remember? The ultimate enemy. It's not you, it's us! And finally the ending, Chapter 4. Acceptance of the pump and dump. "I am a strong independent black woman who don't need no man! Imma get fat and love my body because a man don't determine who I am!" In this chapter you eat a lot of ice cream, watch a lot of Netflix and snuggle with a lot of blankies and cats - and worst of all, you post these depressing pictures on your Snapchat. You become distant and unpleasant to be around. Then you realize that all your other female friends are acting the same way. HEY WAIT A MINUTE. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT ME! Oh. You got hit and quit too? LETS ALL BAND TOGETHER AND HAVE GUACAMOLE TOAST FOR LUNCH AND POST BLURRY PICTURES OF OUR BEDROOMS! We can talk about how these it's these men who have made us what we are. But don't invite Becky. God we hate her, right!? Then what the author doesn't reveal to you is that life is like a Groundhog Day movie where you repeat Chapters 1 through 4 for the rest of your life and wonder why you're miserable. MEN? Oh but they are so adorable when they listen to my feelings... and start Chapter 1 again. Save your $10. You're gonna need it for the ice cream.
  • Milk and Honey

    By annnie_s
    Yaaaas, it's amazing.
  • I loved this book so much😍

    By Prïncëss_xo2
    This book is about how boys treat girls and that u need to believe in your self.
  • absolutely astonishing

    By lyssa🌿
    Happy and understandable. Listen read and focus on it; you'll love it.
  • Milk and honey

    By Bebe1354
    This book is amazing 😍😍😍
  • Amazing

    By Jansnsnskisjab
    Just ..... simply artwork , beautiful . Thank you for creating such a master piece and being able to spill the most delicate parts of u onto a paper and trust the hearts that read it to heal themselves.
  • One of the best reads I've ever had!!

    By budhu0304
    This has been such an amazing reading excerpt. It only took me an hour to read but I felt so many different emotions, throughout. So worth the buy...all from A recommendation, which is evident how amazing this author is by just this one book. Can't wait to read more from her.

    By Jazlaraefloyf
    The best poetry I've ever read, it's so relatable!
  • I'm so in love with milk & honey

    By Alex Coronaa
    By far the best collection of poetry I've ever read !
  • Amazing

    By Hiionsubthsj
    Where's Is Book Number 2?! This is the best book I've Read !